Employee Standards

APPLICANT Understands that:

Customer service is the first priority, and is willing, ready, and able to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers, all of the time, no matter what.

Applicant also understands that honesty is a top priority with this company, and will provide truthful information at all times, will acknowledge the Company’s right to perform any type of background check deemed applicable, including, but not limited to, employer and prior job references, criminal background checks, DMV, credit bureaus, and any other type of check as might be necessary.

Applicant understands the value of a workforce that is free of substance abuse, and will submit to testing is asked.

Submissions of an application for hire is not a guarantee of employment and, if hired, any incidences of falsification of information, theft, substance abuse, or criminal behavior are grounds for termination and possible prosecution.

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